We are looking for companies trying to make
progress toward their Sustainability Goals...
but need help getting an outside view of
how to take that next step.

Stuck between where you are and where you want to be? We are offering a FREE 30min consultation call to explore the next steps in upgrading your supply chain systems and sustainability efforts.

Looking for a new perspective?

There is a way that your organization can strategically take the actions needed to tackle sustainability objectives and develop a roadmap for success. 

However, creating such a strategy is not easy. We provide the tools, template and process to enter the realm of successfully creating and implementing sustainability strategies.

In our FREE 30min call will go over the fundamentals of Sustainability Reporting and Frameworks to make progress towards your goals. 

Hi, I'm Mary Curtiss

Few other things you should know about me…

  • I graduated from an Honors College with degrees in supply chain and business management
  • I’ve worked within businesses of various sizes to improve their sustainability strategy, inventory management system, and procurement
  • I worked at Intel for 2.5 years as one of their procurement and inventory specialists
  • I live my life with sustainability in mind, trying to improve every day
  • I’m a big advocate for helping people start where they are and make small, but consistent changes
  • I’m a big believer that small actions lead to major impacts

Some fun facts: I’ve been a believer in sustainable living from such a young age that I forced my school to start collecting recyclables in classrooms. I love traveling, cats, and am always trying to have a good time!